1994 Ford Taurus

Air Conditioning problem
1994 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 91000 miles

Have a fairly serious fc134a leak in this vehicle but am having trouble pinpointing the exact location. I have a freon leak detector that goes off like crazy around the compressor which happens to be right by a quick connect for the high pressure line. I put refrigerant with UV leak detector in it and checked for leaks at the quik connect with black light. Didn't see any evidence of leaking around the quick connect. Saw a little bit of the UV stuff on the top of the compressor. My question is: Is it likely that the compressor is leaking refrigerant? I've done several AC repair jobs but haven't run into a leaking compressor. Usually the high pressure lines, connectors or condensors are more likely to leak.
May 12, 2010.

We had compressor front seal leaks check around the clutch area

if have a smoke machine use it for a clear and better way to find the leak

i found it very easy to locate a leak using the smoke verse dye and black light

May 12, 2010.
I don't like the UV leak detection method either. Poor results and it makes a mess.

Is the smoke machine you're talking about something that you squeeze and small puffs of smoke come out of it? I've seen people use those to check fume hoods. I might be able to borrow one of those.

I don't have a smoke machine but I can think of two other alternatives if I can't borrow one. 1. I can put dry ice & H2O in a container, cap container with inverted funnel and put tubing over funnel outlet and aim at compressor. 2. I could try smoking a cigarette and blow the smoke out at the compressor but I doubt I could inhale the tobacco.

Thanks for the advice.

May 13, 2010.
I've never tried or used what you mentioned
and I doubt it would work you need more controlled smoke
smoke machine becoming a very important diagnose helper can be used in many application

May 13, 2010.