Ford Ranger

I have a ford ranger truck 1998 with a four cy engine, the heater control will move to all dials but it will only work the defrost on all dials. I have about 127, 00 mileage on the truck. Why? : Lol:
March 11, 2007.

Check for a vacuum leak in the engine compartment.

Mar 11, 2007.
Fordtech is right, defaulting to defrost mode is classic vacuum issue with Fords, there's a vacuum leak somewhere, also once I ran across where the linkage fell off the blend door, resulting in same. Vacuum leak could be at the function control valves, they are combo I believe of electric and vacuum. I had an older Taurus where if you were climbing a long hill at highway speed, it would lose the vacuum supply to the function control and it would revert to the defrost mode, heat a or a\c, I even tried putting an extra-large vacuum storage tank in the line still no good, the low engine vacuum climbing the hill would take it all away

Mar 12, 2007.