2002 Ford Ranger

Engine Performance problem
2002 Ford Ranger 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 182327 miles

I recently had my system diagnosed. It read a miss fire on spark plug number 3. When I had the plugs replaced cylinder #3 plug was cover with oil. Its only in that one cylinder. I have searched around and saw that there is a gasket with or under the valve cover gasket that seals the spark plug tubes. I tried looking for that gasket in the stores.

What can cause one spark plug out of 4 to be covered with oil?
So is there really a gasket for the spark plug tubes or does it come with a new valve cover gasket?

Plus where can I locate my PCV valve on my engine?
January 22, 2009.

I would change the valve cover gasket set. You get the valve cover gasket and the spark plug seal too. The seal to the spark plugs is made in one peace and comes with the valve cover set. Felpro number is VS500638R and here is a pic. You will see the valve cover gasket and the other is the gasket for the spark plugs.

Jan 22, 2009.