2000 Ford Ranger

Air Conditioning problem
2000 Ford Ranger 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual


Does anyone know where the temp sensor for the air conditioner is located?

February 3, 2010.

Looked through the wiring diagram for your truck and cant find an A/C temp sensor. Whats the A/C doing?

Feb 3, 2010.
I also looked all around and couldn't find anything for it.

The A/C compressor runs (was just regassed) however the air blowing out the vents is not cold.

Ford say that it is a A/C sensor and want to sell us a new one however they cannot tell us where it goes. Neither can anyone else in town.

Not quite sure what else it could be.

Thanks for your quick response Jack. Much appreciated.

Need to find out the low adn high side pressures to see what is going on. Does the airflow inside the car change tone to the ear when you go from hot to cold? IF not it may be an issue with the temp door not closing off the heat from the heater core. Knowing the line pressures would really help

Feb 3, 2010.
Not quite sure what the line pressures are. Will try to find this out.

I did notice last night though that the one line going from the compressor to the cab is not getting cold. It seems to be staying at ambient temp.

Spoke to some yesterday and they said there is two different types of gas used in A/C. One is for automotive air cons the other is for domestics type of air cons. He also says it might me that they either put in the incorrect gas or that they never vacuumed the system out properly before filling it again.

Thats possible, but the automotive (134a) and residential (R-22) use totally differnt fittings, so that they cannot be mixed up. The low side line into the cab should be cold right where it goes through the firewall or into the air box, if not it may not have enough in it, that is why I was curious about the line pressures.A weak compressor will also do this, they can have enough low side presure(suction side), but cant create the high side pressure needed to make the heat exchange work

Feb 4, 2010.