1993 Ford Ranger

Engine Cooling problem
1993 Ford Ranger 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 150, 00 miles

My 1993 Ranger has a strange anti freeze leak. It leaks on occasion, not all the time on the drivers side of engine. From underneath I can see it coming off the oil pan, but from above I can't see much of the motor/block. The intake & fuel injection system covers most of that side of the motor. Is there any possible hidden hoses down there somewhere or is it most likely the head gasket leaking? As I said it doesn't happen all the time, I can pull up somewhere & within a few minutes there may be a puddle of anti freeze almost a foot in diamater, drive it 10 or 15 minutes park it & not leak a single drop. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
April 20, 2008.

I have the exact same problem. Hope someone can help

May 8, 2008.
In most case its a rotted out timing cover. This is a very common concern on the older Explorers.

May 8, 2008.