Ford Probe

My 89 Probe is supposedly OBD-1 compliant. You ground the STI connector then count flashes on your
steering wheel console (CHK ENG lite).
my question is there another way to get the codes, can you use a OBD-II machine for OBD-I cars?/Thanks
March 16, 2007.

Do u mean a OBD2 scanner/code reader. If a code reader or scanner is design to communicate with OBD2 then the connector will not plug to an OBD1 car. Just that simple. But if the scanner or coder reader is capable of both.U wanna make sure it has the ford OBD1 connector. All OBD1 connectors to all makes are different while OBD2 connectors is standard --> 1 size fit all. Which is mandated by the government.

Kin chan
Mar 17, 2007.
Go to your auto parts store, tell them you want an obdI code scanner for Ford, probably cost you 30 bucks or so, not only will it read codes, it can do a few other simple tests for you, simple to use.

Mar 17, 2007.