Range Rover Trouble Codes OBD1

1987 through 1989 Range Rovers are designed with a computer system that is capable of detecting system malfunctions and storing a diagnostic trouble codes. When a code is stored the "check engine" light will illuminate. Most of these trouble codes are made up of two digits and are accessible under the passenger seat. Once the ignition key is turned to the on position the trouble codes will start to display. The first set of blinking lights will be the "tenth" digit and the second set of blinks will tell the "one" position. 

For an example, if the first blinking light goes off and on twice and the second blinking light goes on and off once the code number is 21. To start code gathering sequence shut the key off and then back on again. To clear trouble codes after the repairs have been made turn the ignition key to the "on" position, disconnect the serial link mating plug, wait ten seconds and reconnect the plug. Switch the ignition switch to the "off" position for five seconds and turn the ignition key back on again.

Range Rover ODB1 Trouble Code Definition

Code 02 - Power interruption

Code 12 - Airflow meter

Code 14 - Coolant sensor

Code 17 - Throttle potentiometer

Code 18 - Throttle potentiometer input high/airflow meter low

Code 19 - Throttle potentiometer input low/airflow meter high

Code 21 - Fuel tune select

Code 23 - Fuel supply

Code 25 - Ignition misfire

Code 28 - Air leak

Code 29 - ECU memory check

Code 34 - Injector bank A

Code 36 - Injector bank B

Code 44 - Lambda (O2) sensor A - left bank

Code 45 - Lambda (O2) sensor B - right bank

Code 48 - Stepper motor

Code 40 - Misfire bank A - left bank

Code 50 - Misfire bank B - right bank

Code 58 - Group faults 23/28

Code 59 - Fuel thermistor

Code 68 - Road speed sensor

Code 69 Gear switch

Code 88 - Purge valve leak

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