'95.. CV JOINT?

1995 Ford Probe

Clicking sound when turning left. It's getting louder. It's been like that for about 5 months now. I checked and the passanger side CV boot cover (the rubber thing) is torn.

What's the average cost on these? I don't wana get ripped off: ) What's the likelyhood that I need to change the axle too? And the total cost?

Thanks so much guys!

oh, the car is an old '95 Probe GT.
November 4, 2006.

Sounds like the CV joints to me. You shouldn't have to replace the drive axles though. Just the joints. If you get a repair manual, you could probably do the job yourself. The new joints should come with new grease. The tricky part is figuiring out the clamp that goes around the new boot.

Nov 4, 2006.
Yep, it's to cv joint. Cv axles are not that much, and alot easier to install. Your best bet is to replace the axle. Thats what I did on my vehicle. You can probably pick up an axle for under a hundred bucks. Save the old part. You'll need to turn it back in for a core credit.

Nov 8, 2006.
CV axle is right and replacing the axle is the only way to go. They usually come with a lifetime warranty so keep the reciept.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 8, 2006.