Ford Mustang

1996 ford mustang gt (4.6) 120,654 mi. I have 2 questions: when I try to turn my car off the key will not do it. It feels like there is something stripped in the ingnition. The only way I can get it to turn off is to put it in the position over and over again until I feel a click when I turn it back. When I feel that click the car finally dies. Next question: for awhile my car was hard to put in gear, it almost felt like the clutch wasnt engaging enough. But now it wont go in gear at all. I have adjusted the clutch cable, and there is a little tension when I press on the clutch but I wont let me go in gear at all when the car is started
April 27, 2007.

120k. Probably needs a new clutch, that is a pretty good run for one. The ignition tumbler and column will probably have to be taken apart to see exactly what is wrong

Apr 27, 2007.