Ford Mustang

Hello all, I think I know the answer to this question but I want a second opinion. I have a 99 Ford Mustang that I just replaced front brake pads. The left side(driver) rotor was grooved badly and I had it turned down. The guide pins were dry, no grease and stuck badly. The problem now is when I apply the brakes above 40 mph the car pulls to the right and the right front tire will lock up. Do I need to pull the right front rotor and have it turned down also? Or will the left rotors performance get better with use?
July 31, 2006.

Hello all, In case someone read my post and wondered what the problem was I contacted a local mechcanic and asked him what was up. The turned down rotor was not the problem. The driver side caliper had quite a bit of air still in the caliper and line. I bleed it but not enough. Later.

Aug 1, 2006.