Ford Mustang

Hello, I currently Own a 1969 Ford Mustang, 302 V8 automatic transmission 60k miles on rebuilt engine. The problem started maybe 3 days ago when it wasn't starting right away like before, I always had to pump gas twice and then it will start fine. Well all of a sudden while driving after a stop light the car just shut off, I tryed to turn it back on and it and the only way to do so it will be by " flooring the pedal" and it will produce alot of black smoke and shake alot and then it will shut off after depressing the gas, I thought it could be the starter, I changed Starter, and the ignition solenoid. The problem was the same. I also changed the alternator and tuned up by changing spark plugs and wires, filters distributor cap and distributor, (since I have not done in the last 6 mos), the spark plugs were very dirty. I thought the smoke will go away and it did not : evil: . Could this be the carburator? : (
September 3, 2007.

You need to adjust your choke and fast idle-the choke plate is binding.

Sep 4, 2007.
You need to adjust your choke and fast idle-the choke plate is binding.[/Quote: 6781fd634c]

Thank you so much : mrgreen: , I appreciate it alot. You know I did what you suggested and it worked, I got rid of the smoke, aleviated the shaking. I noticed that there were some explosions : , what do you recomend?

Sep 4, 2007.