1999 Ford Mustang

Brakes problem
1999 Ford Mustang 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive 126000 miles

My rear brakes are going out and I went over to my brothers place to help me out (he has done my brakes on all of my cars in the past). This time, we were trying to replace them but we were not able to remove the old brakes. It was like they were stuck or something. I was wondering if on a 1999 Ford Mustang, do you need to have a special tool or do something different from normal brake replacement to do the job? Also, would not being on a level pavement make it harder to do?
January 4, 2009.

Removal (Continental, Cougar, Mark VIII, Mustang, Sable & Taurus)
Raise and support vehicle. Remove rear wheels. Disconnect and plug brake hose at caliper. Remove parking brake cable retaining clip from brake caliper. Disconnect parking brake cable.
Remove slider pin retaining bolt. Lift caliper assembly away from anchor plate. Remove slider pins and boots from anchor plate. Remove brake pads and anti-rattle springs.
When installing new brake pads, caliper piston must be properly retracted. Using Piston Remover/Installer (T87P-2588-A), rotate piston clockwise until piston is fully seated.
Ensure one slot in piston face is positioned so it will engage nib on brake pad. See Fig. 7. Install brake pads, anti-rattle springs and brake caliper.
Ensure brake pads are properly positioned. Clean retaining bolt threads and apply one drop of Threadlock & Sealer (EOAZ-19554-AA). To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Bleed brakes. See BLEEDING BRAKE SYSTEM. Adjust parking brake as necessary. See PARKING BRAKE under ADJUSTMENTS.

Dave H
Jan 4, 2009.