1999 Ford Mustang

I have a 1999 Ford Mustang (6 cylinder) and recently when I go to engage the clutch it makes a grinding sound, then while the clutch is engaged it makes a high pitch screeching sound. I looked under the hood to see if there was a reservoir to fill with brake fluid, but I was unable to find anything. Is it possible that my clutch is going out? What can I do to help this situation?


January 10, 2006.

Hello: If you have your foot off the clutch I assume it sounds fine? When you puch the clutch pedal in then I assume is when the screeching happens? Well when you push in the clutch (which is rotating) you need a bearing to allow the clutch to rotate and the linkage to disengage it. So this is called the Throwout Bearing or Clutch release bearing. If the pedal is pressed and it screeches, but stops screeching when pedal released it is no doubt the clutch release bearing. The transmission needs to be pulled to have it replaced and while you are at it, replace the clutch disk and clutch cover (pressure plate) while its apart.
Good luck

Jan 16, 2006.