1998 Ford Fiesta

Heater problem
1998 Ford Fiesta 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 64300 miles

I do not get hot air from the heater when I set the heater dial to the 'red' zone on the dial. The motor running temp is in the normal range and the heater fan operates properly, only cool air comes out of vents.
April 4, 2009.

Heater core may be clogged, try a radiator shop, and have them backflush the core. Check the temp of the two heater hoses going into the heater core, if one is cold, flush or replace the core.

Apr 4, 2009.
I have checked both heater core hoses and both were hot at running temp. Could there be a problem with the heat/cold setting dial?
Thank you for your support.

Apr 5, 2009.
Under the das the heater plenum, a black box with electrical and vacuum opered equipment on it, has the temperature blend door, when you turn the dial for more heat or less heat this door should move, if it's stuck, you will get whatever temp the unit was last set at. Look under the das as you turn the temp knob, anything sound like it's moving?

Apr 5, 2009.