1960 Ford Fairlane

1960 Ford Fairlane V8

I would like to purchase a 1956 ford fairlane, and my question is how expensive is it to add power steering? Also, what are my options? Are there newer systems I could use, if so, where would I find them?
November 11, 2008.

Hi there,

I would think that the only power steering that you will find to suit your car would be an old type ram assist, this is not a very good system as it is not variable and it make the steering feather light all the time, modern steering systems are variable and cut the assistance when at higher speeds. You will have to scan the web or do the swap meets to locate one now I feel.

Mark (mhpautos)

Nov 11, 2008.
You can find most parts on e-bay motors. You have to put down the year. Also can check by using e-bay motors and entering classic power sterring.

Jul 23, 2009.