1995 Ford F-250

Electrical problem
1995 Ford F250 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 142500 miles

I do not mean to re-ask a question already. I was unable to find your response.

My 'work horse' of a truck (it pulls all the trailers) no longer pumps fuel from the rear tank. I found a couple fuses blown. Replaced those - however, it will not restart.

I looked for the fuel reset -- unless I'm blind (close, but I had my glasses on), I am unable to find it. What I did find where I believe it should be, is something that resembled a back flow stop like I used to have on my aquarium air pumps.

I'm lost. Could you please offer me a few more inexpensive suggestions to check before taking it in for a new rear tank fuel pump?

Oh. And lets just say I know my way around under the hood for maintenance. But I'm no mechanic. (I.E. For a lady, I don't mind getting dirty, and I'll try to muddle through - as long as I understand it!)
May 8, 2009.

Hello .. thanks for the donation .. much appreciated ...

Try resetting the switch by pushing down on the top button !! and we will go from there if this is not successful ...!!

Inertia Fuel Shut-Off Switch....Behind right kick panel.

Inertia Fuel Shutoff (IFS) Switch
All models use an electrical interrupt switch in fuel system. During a collision or vehicle rollover, electrical contacts within inertia switch open, shutting off fuel supply to electric fuel pump. Fuel supply is interrupted even when engine is running.
A reset button is located on switch assembly. If electrical circuit trips, vehicle will not restart until switch is reset. Fuel system should be inspected before resetting switch.
IFS switch is located below right side of instrument panel, behind trim panel.

hope this helps... let me know

Dave H
May 9, 2009.
As stated, I could not find that reset. However, I did not remove the kick panel as the book made it sound accessible without doing so.

Must the kick panel be removed? (And the book states cowl / cowling. Just to be sure I'm understanding the wording, is that the colored plastic panel just in front of the passenger side door?) I looked above that, and at the top of the entire passenger side (i.E. Designated R.H. In the handbook) floor board area to no avail. That switch is nowhere to be visibly found.

May 9, 2009.
Yes remove the panel at the passenger's right foot area and it's behind it.

May 24, 2009.