2010 Ford F-150

Engine Mechanical problem
2010 Ford F150 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 9000 miles

It's a 4.6 3v engine. I do the service myself every 3000 miles. I noticed the oil level increasing and at first thought that I had overfilled a little. So at the 6000 mile change I was very particular not to. Now with the third change coming up, I estimate it is 1/4 qt. (8 oz. ) Over the full mark.
Im not fond of others working on my vehicles so I have not approached the dealer about it.
Water level in coolant recovery jugg seems to be slightly lower than when new. I attribute this to lower temperature now.
January 20, 2010.

Only thing you can do is take the dipstick after the vehicle is HOT and touch it on the manifold. If the oil bubbles you have water in it. If it ignites it is high in gas content.

What kind of oil do you put in it?

Jan 20, 2010.
Thanks for responding. I use Castrol GTX 5w20. I'll try your trick when my wife gets home today. My dad was an independent mechanic; thats one he didn't teach me. Do you know of any test kits available to help?
Do you by chance know the purpose of a green canister roughly 3" wide, 5" long on a bracket welded to the exhaust pipe. It has no wires or hoses attached.
We've been getting almost 20 mpg, and had no problems.
Whats your opinion of the 6-speed transmission.
No dipstick !
Thanks, William

Jan 21, 2010.
Can you get a picture of said canister?

You want y oppinioin on how the transmission is or how to check the fluid?

It is a sealed unit to prevent people from messing with the fluid and causing harm to the vehicle.

Jan 21, 2010.