2005 Ford F-150

Engine Mechanical problem
2005 Ford F150 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 48,000 miles

I have a 2005 F-150 with 48,000 miles. My problem is my truck sputters out and cuts off on me when I slow down to make a turn, come to a stop or (especually) when I turn the a/c. My truck cranks right back up and my engine is not makiing any noises. I took it to a mechanic and the machine read that I have a low idle issue. Any ideas on what may cause have caused this and how it can be fixed
August 26, 2009.

Check the IACV, MAF and TPS sensors to include a fuel pressure check.

Aug 26, 2009.
2005 has a electronic throttle body and has no idle speed motor at all

Let me guess, you recently replaced the battery and ever since then the problem has been happening with the code your mechanic stated?

Bring to a shop that can recalibrate the PCM (Basically ones that specialize in check engine lights or the dealer) as their is a bulletin to redo the PCM information for this concern.

And cleaning the throttle body does help too.

Aug 26, 2009.