1997 Ford F-150

Brakes problem
1997 Ford F150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 161000 miles

When brakes are applied the pedal goes down and activate the ABS. I have bleed the front brakes but not the rear. The rear brakes are drum.
January 23, 2009.

Hi: Make sure there are no leaks and the master cylender is full. Next, properly adjust the rear brakes. Also, when you bleed the brakes, start at the wheel furthest away from the master cylender and work toward it. Did you do work on the system for you to consider bleeding them necessary?

Let me know if this works.


Thank you for replying. No I did not work on the system. I just bought the truck and the brakes felt soft. First thing that came to mind was air in the lines.I was going to pull the rear drums, but it looks like there is something in front of the drum and it looks like it requires a special tool to remove it.

Jan 26, 2009.
On an F150, I can't think of anything that needs removed. Regardless, lift the rear wheels off the ground and safely support the vehicle. Then see of there is any drag on the rear wheels. If there isn't try to adjust the rear brakes through the backing plate. Adjust them up until there is a slight drag on both wheels. Next, get in and pump the brakes a couple times to center the shoes. Again, check for drag on the wheels. If you no longer have any, repeat the process until the shoes are centered and have a slight drag.

Let me know if this helps.