2005 Ford Explorer

Computer problem
2005 Ford Explorer V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 36000 miles

Service engine light came on. No other problems, fuel gauge works properly. Did the 3 cold starts as
noted in the owners manual. Light stayed on.

Dealer checked code and says it came back P0463. One possible cause is high sulfur content in fuel
according to their research.

Dealer wants to drop tank and replace fuel pump. Since everything else is fine I question if the fuel pump replacement is necessary. Would it hurt anything to
just keep on driving as is? Am I likely to find myself stranded somewhere? If sulfur is problem won't the new pump be effected as well?
September 3, 2010.

I see no reason to replace the fuel pump. If there is a high sulfer content in the fuel (which I never heard of), a different pump isn't going to change that.

P0463 Fuel Level Sensor Circuit High Input

I feel you have an electrical issue and not a problem with high sulfer fuel. If the fuel level sensor circuit it getting more power than it should, how can that be the issue?

First of all thank you. The reason for " sulfur" answer
came from " ALLDATA". The dealer gave me a print out from them which suggests that the sulfur content causes an open or high resistance on the fuel sender card.

Sep 4, 2010.
Have they taken care of it for you?