2005 Ford Explorer

Electrical problem
2005 Ford Explorer 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 75000 miles

i have ford explorer advance trac. Power windows are not working, neither it goes down nor goes up but sun roof is working. Please tell me is it fuse or what. I checked the fuse #16 it seems ok. What could be the problem
April 16, 2010.

Check fuse #'s 2 and 6 and circuit breaker 62 (30A) in underhood fuse/relay box and check fuse # 17 under left side of dash !

Pinpoint Test A: All Power Windows Are Inoperative
Normal Operation
Under normal operation the instrument cluster module grounds the accessory delay relay through circuit 1004 (LB/RD). Power is sent to the driver window control switch through circuit 400 (LB/BK) from the accessory delay relay. The driver window control switch is grounded through circuit 1205 (BK).
Possible Causes
Open in circuits 400 (LB/BK), 1205 (BK) or 1004 (LB/RD)
Damaged accessory delay relay
Damaged CJB
Inoperative ICM
Inoperative driver window control switch

Dave H
Apr 17, 2010.