2004 Ford Explorer

Drive Train Axles Bearings problem
2004 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

My explorer thumps like it has a flat spot on the tire but it does not. It does not thump when it is being accelerated or when it is going less than 20 miles per hour. It does not thump all the time and when it does, it takes about 7 - 9 miles of driving to start. It thumps in gear and in neutrel but as I stated, does not thump when it is accelerating or when gas is given during normal driving. As soon as the pedal is release it begins. The thumping does not chane when the brake is applied. It also emits a whinning, rubbing sound during the thumping process.
August 29, 2008.

Wow, I finally found someone with the exact same problem I have. Even on the Ford-trucks website I have been unsuccessful. Has a dealer looked at yours? I have mine back at the dealer again today. They can't duplicate it in a test drive, but I told them to check out the u-joints and carrier bearing for the drive shaft. Hopefully they will find something soon. I feels like the whole car is going to fly apart when this happens. Really impresses passengers!

Sep 24, 2008.
Do you have the Neutral Tow Option installed and is your Explorer 4X4?
The dealer put a new selenoid in the tranny and changed the fluid. I drove from AZ to CO with no change in the problem. But the long drive allowed me to try different things. While coasting down a hill I put the tranny in Neutral--still whirred and thumped. Then I turned the engine off and the whirring and thumping stopped. When I started the engine again it resumed. Then around 50 mph I engaged 4X4 and the whirring remained steady and the thumping went away. Hopefully this information will help the mechanics. It seems like all they know how to do is read computer codes. Does anyone know how to diagose problems anymore?

Sep 29, 2008.
Finally I found a Ford rep that knew of this problem. Per his direction I measured my tires and one was about 1/4" bigger around than the others. I was due for new tires, so replaced all 4. No more problems. They drained the transfer case oil and found no contaminates or overheating--so they surmise there has been no damage done.

Oct 8, 2009.