2003 Ford Explorer

Electrical problem
2003 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 73,000 miles

My DOOR AJAR light stays on. I have checked all doors, nothing left open. It leaves my interior lights on, as well as, the lights under side mirrors. I am not sure if this is a sensor issue?
December 15, 2008.

Check the switch and wiring on door pillar where door hinges are located?

Dave H
Dec 15, 2008.
USE WD40 and spray door latch
door switch located inside on the side of the door latch and known to get stuck
most of the time if sprayed with WD40 will loosen up and work again
spray the latch close and open the door few times
spray all door latches

or have it scanned as it will show which switch is open
good luck

Dec 15, 2008.