2002 Ford Explorer

Brakes problem
2002 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

does any body know how to change the hand brake shoes on this car because it seems there is not enough room to remove the springs & the clips from wheel because the hub unit with the lug screws are in the way. Thank you. Pepperone
July 8, 2008.

Make sure there is no tension on the cable.
Pull the lower retracting spring off and remover the adjuster wheel. You should be able to shift the shoes enough to undo the holdowns. I press with a screwdriver, and spin the pin with a pair of stubby needle nose pliers. These sometimes need replacement.

1st thanks for your reply. Now these pins are not the same as regular pins on cars that you turn spring & compress to get off. They have a clip that goes over pin & you have to compress the clip & push clip up while holding pin in back. This I can do but taking springs off & taking hand brake cable off shoe I belive will be really hard to do with stub in the way. If any body has a picture of 2002 explorer rear brakes would be great thanks again. Pepperone

Jul 8, 2008.
I think I shot some a few months back, I'll post them if I am right, I know what style you mean, thats why I hold the clip down with a screwdriver.

Thanks pepperone

Jul 8, 2008.
NAturally I didn't shoot helpful ones other than these two:

The pivots need to be removed, separated and greased, they seize up quite a bit here in the north.

Mitchell offers this:

I haven't done the drill bit thing myself.

I attach the lower spring first before using the hold down springs. Although I have attached the one side to the backing plate then the spring. I found a radiator hose pick works good to get the longer spring atached to the other shoe.

I removed the discs on the rear of my Explorer and the shoes fell out! Both sides, the linings had fallen off the shoes. I had to take them to a local shop where they pressed out the hub, replaced the shoes for me, and pressed the hubs back in. Unless you can get a 12 year old midget with tiny hands to do the job, there is no possible way to get the job done in that tiny space between the hub and the dust shield. The pictures show above show 10 times the space that I have on my Explorer.

Jul 10, 2008.