1999 Ford Explorer

Air Conditioning problem
1999 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

I tried adding refrigerant but the gauge goes all the way to the end of the red and it won't take any new refrigerant.
April 16, 2010.

Are you adding to the high or low side? What are the symptoms that lead you to add refrigerant?


Apr 16, 2010.
Since I first asked the question she developed a radiator leak which I had to get fixed. So now when I try to add coolant it still does take and the pressure gage shows no pressure at all. I think I'm adding to the right side but I'm attaching a pic so you can see whats going on.

The coolant was wide open at the time of the pic.


Apr 27, 2010.
If I'm seeing this right, you're using the high-side port, but the two hose fittings should be different. You should not be able to connect the charging hose to the high side.

Normally the compressor builds pressure in the condensor in front of the radiator which transfers to the receiver / drier, (which is what you're connected to), and to the expansion valve. From there it becomes the low side to the evaporator and the hose to the compressor. Fords typically puts the low side port right on the compressor. That's where you should be charging from, and only with a vapor, never a liquid. Keep the can upright so vapor boils off. Liquid refrigerant will lock up the compressor.

If it takes a real long time for the refrigerant to go in, or if it won't go in, place the can in a pot of hot water. That will really speed things up.


Apr 28, 2010.