Ford Escort

Ive got a 1996 escort cabriolet auto and has major over revving problems, I can drive at over 40mph with no acceleration. The revs sit between 1500-3000 and it causes problems on braking as I am constantly fighting against the engine which is in turn damaging my brakes,
Any help?
February 7, 2007.

You replaced the camshaft position sensor? Next time the CEL comes on check it again to see what the problem is. There are no other symptoms?

Bruce Hunt
Dec 7, 2006.
To: Bruce Hunt

From: Oscar

The CEL code is the same. No other symptoms seem to appear. It repeates itself intermittantly when the vehicle is driven over 75 mph.

Thanks for your reply.


PS: I am new at this forum, and I do not know how to reply to you. Is this the proper way?

Thanks, Oscar

Dec 8, 2006.
You dont say if it slows to normal. Try taking the air
filter of. Check the throttle cable to see if its loose enough and not sticking. Check the trottle butterflys and make everything works. To free them up you can spray some wd 40 to lube them up.

Feb 8, 2007.