, ZX2, , 85,000 MILES

2000 Ford Escort

I have a 2000, Ford, Escort ZX2, 85,000 miles, 5-speed. The battery light is on, however I already bought a new one. I was starting to think it was the alternator, until I looked under the car and it looks like a belt is ripped to shreds. The car still starts and I can it will drive for a few minutes but then it just slowly dies out. Do you know what could be causing this problem?
July 22, 2006.

I'm not familiar with that exact model, but if the car is slowly dieing out as your're driving the charging system is not doing it's job, you're running strictly on battery power, and that's probably good for a couple of hours max, with minimum accessories going. Shredded belt is probably part, or the issue, have you ever changed the belts? Put another one on.

Jul 23, 2006.
Another test to do is wait until the car is completly cooled off, and remove what is left of the belt. Turn by hand the altenator and see if the bearings are bad. It should turn freely with your hand. You may need a new altenator and belt.
Good luck

Jul 23, 2006.