Ford Escort

I have a 1991 ford escort gt 1.8L (150,000miles) and I recently change the brakes, calipers, and rotors. Then the brakes, rotors, calipers, and rims got really hot. I was told it was the calipers seizing up, so I returned the rotors, and calipers, and got new ones. So then I put everything back on, bled the brakes, and master cylender till all the air was out, and now its getting hot again. What could be my problem?
March 16, 2007.

I b thinkin brake hose/s. Also check the metal lines for kinks or crushing. Jack the car up and put it on stands. Apply the brakes several time and then try to spin the wheels.

Good hunting and let us know. : )

Mar 16, 2007.