1996 Ford Escort

Greetings! I have 1996 Ford Excort, 1.9L standard trans. Approx. 160,000 miles.
I have had a recurring problem with the engine overheating. I have replaced the radiator, cooling fan, relays, and thermostat in the last 9 months trying to correct this problem. No luck. The cooling fan seems to run intermittently, sometimes it will and sometimes it won't. It seems to happen more in high temps when the car is sitting at a redlight idling, but can also occur driving down the road. Any thoughts?
June 11, 2007.

You seem to be saying that the fan may not be kicking in at all times causing the problem. This car keeps the cooling fan running all the time if the air conditioning is on. You should check it it does and if the car doesn't overheat then. If the fan doesn't stay on then, I would jump the wires on the fan circuit to keep it on all the time to see if that keeps it cool.

Lastly, justanold has a point. Are you sure that it is overheating? These cars also have a problem with the temp gauge sendr going bad giving erroneous readings.

Jun 12, 2007.
You could have a bad intake manifold gasket I had a 94 dodge the gasket was bad and I had non stop overheating