2002 Ford Escape

Engine Mechanical problem
2002 Ford Escape 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 103000 miles

We have a 2002 Ford Escape. It is my wife's vehicle and stalls on her 1 to 2 times a day either when slowing down to stop or when leaving a parking space as she puts it in reverse, it always starts right back up and runs fine. We took it to a shop and all their diagnostics could not find anything wrong, they suggested a process which sounded basically like a glorified Seafoam treatment under pressure to clean all the carbons etc which we reluctantly agreed to for $120. Seemed to have fixed the problem until 4 days later it stalled backing out of the garage. It has 103,000 miles and has been basically trouble free. Can you make some suggestions.
May 12, 2008.

Change the fuel filter and check the fuel pressure, make sure it is within the specifications.

Could also be a minor vaccum leak, noticed abnormally high or low idling? Rough idle?

May 12, 2008.
I had similar problem on my 2001 Escape. I tried replacing one of the airflow sensors first - thinking it was an easy fix - but no. My check engine light was even on.

The problem for mine, was the top rear of the v6 engine, there are some rubber hoses attached. In the center hose, it goes down - around to right, and enters the right side of engine. This is the PCV deep in there on right.

Inspect the TOP REAR of this tube where it curves downward. The hose may have collapsed and mine had a crack/hole in it.

This was a cheap/easy fix of pulling off hose and putting back on. The REPLACEMENT hose had MUCH MORE thick rubber, and even a built-in metal clamp. Clearly a re-engineered replacement to fix a known problem part.

Get your Ford part guy to take a look and he/she can get the part number directly from the hose.

Anyway, cleared it up. Aparently Ford SUVs and Pickups are notorious for having intake air leaks - as they are all cheap hoses and external to engine.

May 26, 2008.
I had a similiar problem like 2 years ago, especially in cold weather, was driving me crazy. Changed plugs, coils, hoses nothing worked. Came to find out it was the intake manifold gaskets upper and lower. Once I replaced them never had the problem again, especially in cold weather. Took me about 30 minutes to replace them. Suggest changing your rear spark plugs since you have the intake manifold off.

Nov 30, 2008.
Those are good suggestions. Good job

Nov 30, 2008.