1987 Ford Bronco

Engine Mechanical problem
1987 Ford Bronco 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 110, 00 miles

For close to a year. I have noticed smoke coming out of the exhaust and when I change to oil I an getting alot more than I put in, and you can smell gas in the oil. I put in 4 quarts and get close to 2 1/2 gallons back after a week depending on how far I travel. I can tell when it's time to change the oil when I hear the pistons makes a knocking noise, and my exhaust smokes. I recently changed the spark plugs and one was very gummed up and black. I have been told it was a fuel injector the was dumping gas into the cylinder. The book I have does not show step by step how to get to the injector. I am not a mechanic but have do work on my car.
So my questions are First what can be causing the oil to gather gas.
Second how can I get a repair manual ( video preferred ) that will show me step by step on how to repair these issues and all other repairs

I need to get to the heating core to exchange it as well, so I need to know how to get to it.
September 28, 2010.

Is it bronco or bronco II
what is the engine size
do you have a fuel pressure gauge
if so check fuel pressure and check if pressure hold after key off
if not then its most likely fuel pressure regulator or fuel injector

Sep 28, 2010.
It is a Bronco 11
V6 2.8lL
Please re my questions again there are two parts thank you

Oct 2, 2010.
Removal & Installation (2.9L Engine)
Open hood and install protective covers.
Disconnect negative battery cable.
Remove air inlet tube from air cleaner to throttle body. Remove fuel cap to relieve tank pressure.
Disconnect vacuum hose from fuel pressure regulator. Using a hand vacuum pump, apply about 25 in. Hg pressure to pressure regulator. Fuel system pressure will be released through fuel return hose.
Remove upper intake manifold and throttle body assembly.
((((Disconnect electrical connectors at air by-pass valve, throttle position sensor, EGR sensor and Air Charge Temperature (ACT) sensor. Remove air inlet tube from air cleaner to throttle body.
Remove snow/ice shield to expose throttle linkage. Disconnect throttle cable from ball stud. Disconnect upper intake manifold vacuum connectors, both front and rear fittings including EGR valve, and vacuum line to fuel pressure regulator.
Disconnect PCV closure tube from under throttle body and disconnect PCV vacuum tube from under manifold. Remove canister purge line from fitting near power steering pump. Disconnect EGR tube from EGR valve by removing flange nut.
Loosen bolt retaining A/C line at upper rear of upper manifold and disengage retainer. Remove 6 upper intake manifold retaining bolts. Remove upper intake manifold and throttle body as an assembly.))))

Disconnect crossover fuel hose, fuel supply, and fuel return line from fuel supply manifold.
Remove fuel supply manifold retaining bolts. Carefully remove fuel supply manifold from lower intake manifold. The fuel injectors are retained in fuel supply manifold with clips.
Remove retainer clips and inspect for corrosion and damage. Remove injector(s) from fuel supply manifold and wipe cup with clean dry cloth.
To install, ensure injector caps and injector recesses are clean and free of contamination. Lightly grease recesses. Install 3 injectors on right side recess of intake manifold, and then 3 on left.
Position and press down firmly until attachment holes line up and install fasteners. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure

Oct 2, 2010.
FordBronco Posted
I need to get to the heating core to exchange it as well, so I need to know how to get to it.

NOTE: These procedures are for vehicles with air conditioning systems only.

Drain coolant from radiator.
Disconnect heater hoses from heater core tubes.
Cap hoses. In passenger compartment, remove 5 screws attaching heater core access cover to plenum assembly.
Pull heater core rearward and down, removing it fromplenum assembly. To install, reverse procedure.

Oct 2, 2010.
Thank you for the information, But I am not a mechanic and need some more details on how to remove all engine parts to get to the fuel injector, a DVD car manual that can show me step by step. And as far as the heater core can you send a diagram showing how to, I have tried before but can never find the 5 screws that attaching heater core access cover to plenum assembly.


Oct 15, 2010.
Sorry I don't have any access to DVD to share
and as far as the heater core I look up all Manuel available not much luck too this is as close as I can come with not the same but close to what you have
all info at the dealer computer dated back to 1992 and none before

Oct 15, 2010.