1979 Ford Bronco

Brakes problem
1979 Ford Bronco V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic? Miles

Recently my front brake calipers locked up on me while I was driving. I had the Bronco towed home and began fixing the problem. Long story short, I had to replace both front calipers, brake booster and master cylinder (leaking), proportioning valve (clogged so no fluid was going to the rear), rear wheel cylinders (leaking), all the flex hoses, and the shoes and pads. Now when I bleed the brakes on the truck with it not running, I get a good stream of fluid from all the bleeder valves and a good pedal. But when I crank the truck the brake pedal goes straight to the floor. I tried bleeding the brakes with the truck running but I still get good fluid from the bleeder valves but still no pedal. I bled the master cylinder both on the truck and off and neither has helped at all. Does anyone have any ideas of what is wrong?
October 15, 2009.

Did u put a new or reman master cylinder? Are your rear brakes adjusted tight? Who is helping u bleed the brakes. The last question is because I used to have a kid that worked with me that never pushed the pedal hard enough and I would always get a spongy pedal. I also get about 4-5 bad reman masters a month and it will give you a bad pedal with the truck running.

Oct 16, 2009.
I had a remaned master cylinder but I took it back and got a new one for that reason. I checked my rear brakes and they are both tight. My father and I have both been in the truck pushing the pedal down but still nothing works. When I removed the vacuum line from the check valve on the brake booster the pedal becomes hard as a rock. I removed to hose to ensure that is was clear and I still have the same problem.

Oct 23, 2009.