1996 Ford Aerostar

Engine Performance problem
1996 Ford Aerostar

My aeroster was leaking from the heater hoses, I fixed them yesterday, no more leak and the air and heat are working much better. I have a new problem today, which is the idle is up and down and it is stalling out. If I am driving over 20 mph she runs well, if I slow down to turn or stop at a light, she stalls out, not every time, but most of the time. Could it be a vaccuum leak? Thanks, Tammy
Tammy howard
May 7, 2008.

Check around the throtle body all air vaccume hoses for cuts to soft mushy or disconectet line.if all ok you will most likely need a new IDLE AIR CONTROL find this part on the throtle body u cant miss it.looks like a 3 inch cylinder with a black plastik connection tip.u can see this part also in here can be a bit pricy from 50 bucks to 130 bucks. or u can go toi a junk yard and look for the part used if u wanna save money.good luck

May 7, 2008.