1993 Honda Accord • 275,000 miles

When depressing the clutch on the freeway, due to crawling traffic, the engine dies. Restarts immediately, but next shift the engine dies again. Restarts quickly and keep driving, engine dies while at red lights once off freeway. Check of fluids shows low oil even though oil topped off a couple days earlier. Also coolant level is well below min, which was added a few days earlier as well to bring the levels near max. No sign of leakage on the garage floor at all (keep card board under just to notice quickly due to past leaking issues (hasn't dropped oil in several months after recent work though). It appears it is eating fluids, and won't keep running when on the road? Has the engine run its last mile.
May 29, 2013.

Have pressure checked for a bad intake/head gasket first clean throttle plateandiac hole with choke cleaner clean both sides of plate. Then make your decision from there

May 30, 2013.
Thanks hmac300 I'll get it checked out, kind of a bummer after having it in and $$$$ of work on the engine two months ago. The head gasket was not one of the items dealt with though.

May 30, 2013.