2005 Peugeot 307 • 57,000 miles

Diagnostics code p1337.
engine misfires at idle and on occasion engine light starts to flash and depollution warning comes up on the screen and shuts down that cylinder so only fires on three, if I turn ignition off and start up again it runs again but still with very slight misfire.
I have had coil pack replaced twice, once with a genuine Peugeot one.
injector replaced
spark plugs replaced
and a new ecu at a cost of 600 quid.
Been to Peugeot dealers and even they cant find a fault. Please help
May 6, 2013.

You have a mechanical problem, compression needs to be done, and a leak down test needs to be done, And if the dealer ask for a tear down, you need to agree, The cylinder heads blows easy.

May 6, 2013.
My mechanic has told me its not misfiring despite the p1337 fault code, he said its just running lumpy at idle and is now going to replace both o2 sensors despite no codes being thrown for the sensors.

I have asked for compression and leak down test but he said there is no need to as the car runs fine at normal driving. I am totally out of ideas now unless this code has another meaning only Peugeot know about.

May 21, 2013.