1500, 132,000, 5.9 MAG

2000 Dodge Ram

Intermittent start problem. Trucks runs good can die when driving with no notice, sometimes will start after one minute, Mileage blinks then shows (No Bus). I have no code with OBD2. Had it in a dodge repair shop, no luck finding problem. No mechanic seems to know what (No Bus) means. Can you please help.
Thank You
Doug Wenzek
Doug Wenzek
February 10, 2007.

Hey Doug,
Essentially " No Bus" means somewhere communication w/ the various modules (computers) was lost. This could be a controller actually causing this or an intermittent short or open along the bus wiring. Its a very hard problem to diagnose and can be labor intensive, unless the problem occurs when a tech is looking at it!


Feb 11, 2007.