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Hello, I have a 2001 dodge grand crvn. And after the winter I turned my ac on and it made this weird noise followed by a smell, kind of like a burning smell, my husband said it needed a recharge so I took it in. The mechanic did so but he said the compressor won't kick on as he put it. He ordered a part he called " relay" but I am skeptical because he didn't seem to know what he was doing and eluded to the fact that the compressor might be gone. Please advise
April 30, 2007.

I too have this problem with my 2000 Gran carvan over the winter I kept hearing this noise like hydralic air coming from under the dash board when the a/c was on and the smell was like burn wires but the smell was only when a/c was turned on. Know the a/c don't blow cold air. I think is a leak and all the fluid came out. I would to know if it so but how much it would cost me to have it repaired. : Roll:

May 7, 2007.
Well if you can smell the difference between clutch material burning and wires burning (distinctly Different) you would know. But I suspect the clutch on the compressor. With the car off see if you can turn the clutch easily by hand. If not it's probably NG.

May 7, 2007.