Dodge Neon

1998 Dodge Neon 5 speed 2.0 lt SOHC, approx. 79000 miles.

When cold the gauges work fine. After approx 10-15 minutes they do not. Often they don't work at all, but usually just the speedometre is dead. When ever the speedo is dead, the mileage counter doesn't work either.

Once the gauges start messing up, I hear a clicking, which sounds like a relay in the fuse panel clicking on and off, and sometimes some really weird things happen like the " airbag" light is illuminated and the interior light flickers in time with the clicking from the fuse panel. Kind of like visual and audio static really. Another weird one was the right inicator light stopped. Everything worked, it's just for a while, the dash indicator light didn't light up.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

May 31, 2006.

Check your fuses, sounds like you have an electrical issue. Fuses, fuses, fuses : )

Jun 5, 2006.
If a fuse is blown they wont work at all. Not all electrical problems are fuses if they work on and off sometimes it becomes a grounding issue or a connection problem

Jun 5, 2006.