1990 Dodge Dynasty

Noises problem
1990 Dodge Dynasty 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

This car has one belt on it. Just recently the car started making a loud noise as if the belt is squeaking. It gets quieter as I drive with my foot on the gas. Then when I idle it gets louder. The belt has been checked and it is firm and there are no cracks in it. So then we bought belt conditioner and it continues. What do I do?
Nitros Angel
July 29, 2008.

Hi: Just for curiosity, with the car running (at idle) pour a small amount of water on the belt. (PROTECT YOUR EYES BECAUSE IT WILL SPASH) Let me know if the sound changes, quits.

Let me know the outcome. I have a feeling, even though the belt is tight and crack free, it may be dried out.