Dodge Durango

I have a 98 Durango that blows cool air when the heater is on. Temperature gauge shows normal and the small vent between the front seats that blows toward the rear seats blows hot air! Do I have 2 heater cores? Or do I have an air leak under the dash? I'll take any suggestions.

January 31, 2007.

There is only one heater core, have you replaced the cabin air filter?

No I have not. Where is the cabin filter? Where is the heater core? Is it hard to replace?

Feb 1, 2007.
With all due respect, if you don't know where the heater core is, you don't want to go after it yourself. It's located in the heaterbox under the dash. It is a 5 hour job if your god like, average tech 8-10 hours, a d-i-y has it towed to a shop in pieces and pays double what it would have cost to just take it there to begin with.

Try changing the cabin air filter and hope it blocked up first. It is behind the glove, Let me see what I find out tommorrow and i'll update it

I can find a cabin air filter for your truck, nothing on location. Typically the are behind the glove compartment or accesible from the passenger side wiper cowl area.

Two things I am thinking, is there may be a build up of crap in there, not allowing air flow to you, a binding door or cable problem.