1989 Dodge Diplomat

Engine Mechanical problem
1989 Dodge Diplomat V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 128000 miles

how to change fuel pump on the dodge
Michael fechtel
December 27, 2009.

To replace a fuel pump on a 318 you'll need to also get a new filter, and change the rubber hoses also, there is no taking anything off, just dis-connect the hoses at the filter or just use a wire cutter to cut them, and then take the two bolts out using a ratchet and extension its a tight fit but there is a new gasket if you get a new one fron mopar and just use a scraper, clean the surfaces good and install the new one.
Dis-connect the negative battery cable so you don't have any problems and try not to get any fuel on your skin or in your eyes. If ya run into trouble let me know, instructions come in the new pump.

Jan 12, 2010.