2001 Dodge Dakota

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 Dodge Dakota V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 90000+ miles

My truck has been idling oddly for some time now. It usualy occurs at low speeds but mostly when stopped or just starting the truck. It used to idle at around 1000rpm but now will jump to about 2000rpm at times. Just recently I replaced the TPS becuase of the check engine light but still have the problem. I see from researching most say there is a vacuum leak. Is that the best bet? If so how do I check?
February 18, 2010.

Has the check engine light come on? Also, yes it could be a vacuum leak. Also, check fuel pump pressure.

Let me know what you find.

Yes my check engine light was on but has not come back since I replaced the TPS (about a 2 weeks ago). I'm sorry for being dumb here but how do I check the fuel pressure?

Feb 24, 2010.
After looking through the online manual from mitchell1, I saw that I did NOT change the TPS I changed the Idle Air Control Motor. When I got the error code I was told to get something that sounded like a mix of the TPS and IACM. When I was looking around for the replacement there were a mixture of pictures and name for both so I figured different people called called the same part by a different name. But the diagram shows me that I CHANGED THE IACM NOT THE TPS.

Also I found a very helpful video on 2carpros. Com on checking for fuel pressure (You may have seen it. Just Kidding). Anyway, another thing I can't seem to find in the manual is the fuel pressure levels.

Feb 25, 2010.
For anyone following that hasn't seen my other post. I fixed my rough idle with a good throttle body cleaning and a quick trim of a vacuum line on the right of the throttle body! Hope it helps yall and thanks to the great people at 2carpros!

ALSO, I bought a guage and did a fuel test. Regular pressure should be btw 47 and 51 psi. Mine was at 42psi when key on but engine off and 50psi with engine on. I was not able to test the fuel pressure regulator becuase I cannot drop the gas tank at this time. Since it along with the fuel filter are above the tank : -(

Mar 22, 2010.