1998 Daewoo Lanos

Heater problem
1998 Daewoo Lanos 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 10600k miles

Hi everyone I was hoping someone could tell me how change the heater core I just bought for my 98 daewoo lanos 1.5 auto. Maybe the steps.
May 21, 2009.

Removal & Installation
To remove, disconnect negative battery cable. Remove instrument panel carrier assembly from vehicle. Remove heater/air distribution case from vehicle. Remove linkage screw from lower heater core cover post. Remove linkage lever. Note position of all levers to facilitate reassembly. Handle case carefully to avoid damaging linkage levers. See Fig. 23 -Fig. 25.
Remove screws that secure heater core cover. Slowly separate lower heater core cover from rest of assembly. Retain sealant. Remove screw and bracket clamp that secure heater core lines to case. Remove spring clamp that secures heater core body to case. Remove heater core from case.
Install heater core into case. Secure heater core lines to case with retaining bracket clamp and screw. Install heater core body with retaining spring clamp. Reapply sealant to heater core cover mounting channel flange as removed.
Install heater core cover. Install retaining screws. Install linkage lever onto cover post with screw. Confirm proper operation of actuating levers for heater/air distribution case doors. Install heater/air distribution case. Install instrument panel carrier assembly. Fill cooling system. Connect negative battery cable.

Dave H
Mar 17, 2010.