Chrysler New Yorker

My 94 chrysler new yorker starts but won't move what is the problem? It has approxmiately 60,000 plus miles, not really sure.
March 14, 2006.

Check for any leaks first, second check your trans. Fluid if either of them are not that. It's a possabillity that your drive belt in your transmission has broken. If it is you'll need to have it rebuilt or buy a new transmission.

Mar 15, 2006.
When was the last time you changed the trans fluid and filter? Pull the trans dipstick and look at the fluid. If it looks dark and not red and has a bad smell, at 60,000 it could be a bad converter or rebuild time. Chrysler was never a company for a great long lasting trans. If you decied to change the fluid and filter, look in botom of trans pan for metal pieces, make sure you clean them out before you change fluid and filter. If there are a lot it's a bad trans and if not many it could just be in need of the fluid and filter. Make sure you use the correct fluid. Anyway this is the cheapest thing to try first. But like the other reply, it could also be a loose or broken band. It would help to know what type of trans it is. I hope this helped!

Mar 18, 2006.