1999 Chrysler Cirrus

I have a 1999 Chrysler Cirrus, V6, with about 142,000 miles. I've had some issues with a repair shop/dealer telling me that they will have to drop the engine to change out 2 freeze plugs and 2 valve gasket covers. Is this correct or can these be changed out without going through all that? I've been told that there is no need to do all the work that they are wanting to charge me out the wazzoo to get done. HELP.

Thanks ?
June 2, 2007.

Depends on where the freeze plugs are located. I was able to replace my freeze plugs by rubber expanding plugs without removing the engine but if they are too close to the engine mounts or if the compartment walls are too close to the engine, they won't be able to get to them without removing the engine.

Valve covers/gaskets can be replaced without removing the engine.

Have them show you the freeze plug locations. If they aren't leaking, why do they want to replace them? Mine didn't start leaking until the vehicle was 30 years old (rusted out).

Jun 4, 2007.
If the freeze plugs are leaking is there anything that can be used to stop the leak without going thru the expensive repairs? I mean something similar to stop leak except heavy duty stuff at least to prolong usage?

Jun 22, 2007.
Freeze plugs are actually very thin wall steel cup shaped pieces pressed into holes in the bottom/sides of the engine.

Once they start leaking, that means they are rotting out and will only get worse.

They can be replaced by regular persons and replaced with a rubber plug. It's smaller than the hole, has steel plate on both sides with a bolt through the middle that's tightened to increase it's diameter, sealing up the hole.

Only hard part is getting the old plugs out. I did mine by shoving a screwdriver through the middle and prying them out (they were that rotten).

One plug, I had to use a punch and knock in one side to turn it sideways in the hole then pry it out.

Jun 23, 2007.