2001 Chevrolet Truck

Ok here is whats going on I start the vehicle and nothing happens I drive a few minutes then the BATTERY light comes on I drive longer then all the lights come on then it stalls I try to restart it and nothing then I wait a half an hour or so it starts again I had the battery and alternater checked they are both fine so they say what else can cause this to happen I need HELP badly
January 6, 2007.

This I know: -The battery will somewhat recharge over a short period of time, ( enabling enough powe rto re-start).
-Battery light almost always relates to the alternater not re-charging.
- Cheezy alternaters will be intermittant problems like this.

How old is the alternater and what brand?

Chaeck all connections from the battery to ground & power and those for the alternater. Are there ANY sins of corrosion or looseness?

No Corrosion and All connections are there and correct the alternator is about a year old and its an AC Delco I personelly think the alternator went bad my self even know it was tested I think the test at the shop was wrong I took it off and took it there can they be wrong?

Jan 9, 2007.
I quit using Delco because of those kind of problems. My sales rep swears it is just our shop that has problems with them. Maybe so. I rarley have problems with USA brand.

It can be intermittantly bad. When symptoms occur is when you need to have it checked while it's on the car. It may be heat affecting it and by the time you get it there it's cool again.

Maybe it isn't the alt, but sure seems to point it.

Just an Update I had a new alternator made from someone that garentees them for life (we will see about that lol) but it fixed the problem so I was correct in thinking it was the alternator

Thx for the help and I hope to see ya again

Jan 21, 2007.