1990 Chevrolet Silverado

Electrical problem
1990 Chevy Silverado V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 63000 miles

My problem is I started my truck went on tomy destination turned off when I tried to restart it did not turn over. After towing it home I investigated and found a wire mounted to the firewall junction had burnt into. The wire has a small black cylinder attached to it, I believe its a fuseale link? I'm trying to figure out what caused the short in the wiring.
December 22, 2007.

Is it at the starter?
Make sure none of the wires touching the exhaust manifold

Dec 23, 2007.
If I am thinking of the right wire it is an orange wire and is located behind the plastic relay cover on the right hand side of the firewall.
The black thing you are seeing attached to the wire is what is called a heat sync, It is there to disperse heat in the wire.
Simply solder in a new piece of the appropriate gage wire to replace the burnt piece, then wrap a big wad of electrical tape around the wire where the old heat sync was.
This will do the same thing as a heat sync and disperse the heat in the wire.
Hope this helps!

Dec 23, 2007.