2002 Chevrolet Malibu

1. 2002 chevy malibu
2. A little over 112,000 miles
3. Automatic transmission
4. Front wheel drive
5. Not really any strange sounds
6. When overheated fluid poors out like a leaky faucet! Other than that no noticeable fluid.
7. In order- have tried fuel injector cleaner additive, changed transmission filter, had radiator and lines flushed and refilled, checked all fluid, and changed fuel filter

We have been having an acceleration problem for about 2 weeks now. It's like it is having trouble shifting on its own. Really hard to get up to 30 mph but once it gets past there fine(In the overdrive gear too) until you stop and have to accelerate again. It overheated yesterday to the point where fluid poored out and steamed something awful.
We took it to a mechanic here in town and he said that there was a lot of air in the radiator so he checked all the lines but they were fine and just flushed it and replaced the fluid. However, my mother failed to inform him we were having the acceleration problem! Grr But it is still running pretty hot too. Driving home today it still had trouble getting up to 30 mph until I started shifting it myself and the heating gauge was over half the entire drive. Could someone give me a better idea of where to look for a problem? I don't see how these two problems could be related.
I will post any other information you need just let me know
Thank You
June 7, 2007.

The 3.1 motors are common for intake manifold gasket problems. You may have further damaged the engine and may need headgakets from driving like this. This is what I expect that you will find, but I am just a cyber-opinion.

Oh Also would like to know exactly what is a safe range for the temperature gauge? Right now it's running pretty much at half after the radiator flush. But I always thought that is was supposed to be at a quarter?

Jun 7, 2007.
Anything below the red zone is safe.

Ok my mother drove it 30 miles to work and said that it didn't overheated ran ok as long as she shifted it herself. But could not get it over 50mph. Still sound like the intake manifold gasket problem?
And how in depth is this problem? I found the head gaskets online at auto zone ranging from $7.99-$31.99 a piece.A lot cheaper than what I expected.
I've always heard that if there is a head gasket problem on a car its more trouble than what its worth.

Jun 7, 2007.
No it doesn't.

You need to pull the codes from the computer at this point.

Just thought I would give an update on what was found out about the car for all the people who are having similar problems.

It was the cadillac converter. Completely clogged and just needed to be replaced.
Cost $175 including labor.


Jun 12, 2007.