1995 Chevrolet Corvette

Engine Performance problem
1995 Chevy Corvette V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 62000 miles

my corvette sat for almost 2 years and was started some there was only 2 bars of gas in it I put new high octane gas in it and it was missing and smoking at idle but would get on down the road with plenty of power if you get on the throttle I changed the fuel filter, spark plugs wires, ditributor cap, rotor button, water pump gaskets, new air filter, coolant, bled the coolant system, it coded for a map sensor on my snap on modis scanner, I replaced map sensor cleared code and it didnt come back have to push accelerator to get it to start runs good then goes to smoking running rough and strong smell of gas and goes through alot of gas no codes but wont idle right and wont accelerate gradually but will accelerate with power if you get on it and I noticed it has put some gas in the oil pan because it is overfull on the dipstick and I had just changed the oil with synthetic before I parked it and it was right on the money
Silver diesel
October 11, 2010.

Check fuel pressure
and than do a fuel pressure leak test, checking for a leaky injectors
also suspect bad fuel pressure regulator, remove vacuum line off of it and check if fuel present

Oct 12, 2010.
The fuel pressure regulator was leaking fuel out the vacumm side of the regulator I replaced the regulator changed the oil and filter and the car starts and runs like a new one again thanks again for your help

Silver diesel
Oct 13, 2010.
Happy driving
thank for the update
thank you

Oct 14, 2010.