1993 Chevrolet Corsica

Electrical problem
1993 Chevy Corsica 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 790004 miles

How do I replace the cigarette socket in my car? I do not smoke yet I use the cigarette socket for my radar detector. Does anyone know?
April 5, 2010.

Its quite simple, the plastic plate that goes over the lighter and over the shifter, can be removed by gently popping it out with a flathead screwdriver. And when you lift the plate up you will see the connection, just disconnect it make sure the two wires dont touch each other. Better yet, you can either remove the lighter fuse or disconnect the negative battery cable, to turn the power off, so you dont short circuit something else. And then I believe it unscrews from the plate and you screw the new one on, and plug it in.